Troop 25's Popcorn Sale: Scout Resources

Welcome, scouts of Troop 25! This page provides all the information you need to set up your account and access selling materials for our popcorn fundraiser. Let's get started!

Important Dates

Make sure to mark these dates on your calendar to stay on track!

Setting Up Your Account:


Trail’s End App

Go to the app store and download Trails End or text 62771

Check your unit Info

If the details vary from what is mentioned to the below, please click on the down arrow and choose "change unit" to match the correct details. 

Moving A Scout Pack to Troop

If a Scout has a previous account, they can move their profile to a new unit, ie Pack to Troop.


Sell More, Perfect Your Sales Pitch

Big smile, make eye contact, introduce yourself, and which unit you are a part of

“Hello, I’m [Your First Name] from Troop 25

Let people know your goals

“I’m earning my way to [adventure or summer camp”]

Close your sale

“Can I count on your support today?”

Thank your customer and end your sale

Thank you, we prefer credit / debit payment”

Sample Email

Subject: Support Troop 25 with Delicious Popcorn!

Dear [Recipient's Name],

I hope this email finds you well. My name is [Scout's Name], and I'm a proud member of Troop 25 in Tenafly, NJ. Our troop embarks on a popcorn fundraising campaign every year to support our various activities, camps, and community service projects.

This year, we have a fantastic selection of popcorn flavors: Sea Salt, Unbelievable Butter, S'mores, Salted Caramel, White Cheddar, and Kettle Corn. Each purchase offers you a delicious treat and plays a vital role in funding our scouting adventures and contributions to the community.

Why Support Troop 25's Popcorn Sale?

If you're interested in supporting Troop 25 and enjoying some scrumptious popcorn, Please click on the link [Insert Link]

Thank you for considering supporting Troop 25. Your generosity will make a significant difference in our scouting journey.

Warm regards,

[Scout's Name]
Troop 25, Tenafly, NJ

What is ONLINE DIRECT (Online)


Enter a wagon sale on the website

Enter a wagon sale on the app

Download Wagon order from

Trails-end wagon order form 2023.pdf

Trails End App Guide

In App Online Direct and Wagon Sales


Scouts earn points towards an e-Gift Card when they record their sales in the Trail’s End App. They choose the prize they want!


CASH -  1 PT PER - $1 SOLD

Did You Know?! 1,750 points (approximately $1,500 in sales) earn a $60 e-gift card!*

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